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Aqua Marina STEAM-412 Versatile/Whitewater Kayak 2 Person DWF Deck. Paddle excluded

SKU: ST-412-22

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The STEAM-412 series of inflatable kayaks has undergone a significant redesign to cater to a wide range of paddling enthusiasts, from performance touring adventurers to those who enjoy mild river running. These kayaks boast a host of features that make them ideal for various types of paddling experiences.

One notable feature of the STEAM series is its ultra-durable welded tube construction, which ensures longevity and resilience in challenging environments. Coupled with a high-density drop-stitch floor, these kayaks offer exceptional rigidity and responsiveness, providing paddlers with a stable and secure ride.

The redesigned models feature a more streamlined outline, which has been optimized to enhance hull speed and tracking performance. This improvement allows paddlers to maneuver with greater ease and precision, making the kayaks well-suited for navigating different water conditions.

Moreover, the STEAM series includes river-specific features that make them suitable for tackling class III whitewater. These rugged kayaks are built to withstand the rigors of whitewater paddling, providing adventurers with the confidence to take on challenging river routes.

Overall, the STEAM-412 series represents a versatile and high-performance choice for paddlers seeking an all-around champion kayak. With its sleek design and enhanced speed capabilities, the STEAM series is poised to deliver an exhilarating paddling experience across a variety of adventures.




  • Super-tough reinforced PVC material for both air chambers and cockpit
  • Drop-stitch double wall fabric made floor of 7cm thickness.
  • Premium adjustable kayak seats with high backrest, spongy cushion, and multiple storage pockets
  • Durable foam footrest design for a comfortable journey
  • High-performance fin system for excellent tracking ability
  • Superfast 1+16 self-bailing drain system ideal for long-distance adventures and mild river running.
  • Extended water splash guard bow design with hard nose protection and rubber carry handle.
  • Inflatable V-shape keel design for efficient strokes  
  • Can hold 396 lbs / 80kg max.



2022 ICON-15
Seamless Tube
Tube chamber seams are all high frequency welded for a solid bonding strength.

Drop-stitch Deck

Removable 7cm drop-stitch high pressure floor for ultimate stability and rigidity.


Streamlined Design
Sleek, curved, streamlined shape for good tracking performance.


V-cone Protection
Hard V-cone protection on both stem and stern for anti-collision purpose.


Deck Shield™
Water shield preventing splash from flowing backwards into the cockpit.


Cargo Bungee
Adjustable cargo bungee system to easily fasten the luggage.


2022 ICON-footrest
Footrest Support
Adjustable supporting footrest for a comfortable journey.


Drain Valve
Superfast 1+16 self-bailing valves can be left open for quick water drainage in whitewater and ocean kayaking or closed for flat-water paddling




    1. Removable high-tensile and rigid DWF PVC Deck of 7cm thickness. Give better stability and rigidity.
    2. 2 side horizontal tube design makes the kayak stable and safe.
    3. Kayak fabric of durable and premium reinforced PVC.
    4. Premium high-back seat with spongy cushion.





    • Carry Handle – Front, rear and center rubber carry handles for easy transport.
    • D-ring – Multiple strap D-rings allow seat position adjustment.
    • Valve – High pressure recessed valve for quick inflation and deflation.
    • Seat System – Premium high-backrest seat with EVA cushion and storage pockets.
    • Fin System – High performance two center fins for excellent straight-line tracking.
    • Dry Bag – 10L dry bag keeping personal belongings dry and safe.
    • Hand Pump – Upgraded gauged pump for easy and accurate inflation.
    • Backpack – Functional zip backpack keeps everything inside for a kayak tour.



    • LENGTH: 162"in / 412cm
    • WIDTH: 35"in / 90cm
    • WEIGHT: 34.2lbs / 15.5kg
    • MAX. PAYLOAD: 396 lbs / 180kg
    • AIR CHAMBERS: 2 + 1
    • DRAIN VALVES: 1 + 16 self bailing




      • 16" HAND PUMP
      • 10L DRY BAG
      • KAYAK SEAT (ST-412 X 2)
      • KAYAK FIN X 2



      One Year Manufacture Warranty


      Package Dimensions:

      23(L) x 13(W) x 35(H) inches - 41 lbs.


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      Aqua Marina STEAM-412 Versatile/Whitewater Kayak 2 Person DWF Deck. Paddle excluded
      $699.99 CAD $999.99 CAD
      $699.99 CAD

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