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Had purchased one a couple of years ago, so I purchased another for the other grandkids. They love them.


We bought raptor bike for our 4 years old. He loved it. It's worth buy it.

Great toy, even better customer service

I wanted a car for my children, both girls aged 5 and 3, but tall for their age. I was worried other vehicles would be too small. I was reassured this one was popular and solid. I was worried that the abrupt stop with the 24V battery would be too jerky. I don't find it that bad for the kids. When they let go of the gas pedal, or I am driving it with the remote and stop the gas, it does slow down a little before stopping, so it's not as jerky. However, there is an emergency stop on the remote control. This one stops it dead in its tracks, which can be a bit harsh, then again, if you are pushing this button, it's because you want to avoid danger. I actually found the toy car a little cheaper elsewhere, but after reading the reviews at that other place, I was hesitant on ordering. The reviews at King Toys were reassuring. The packaging was intact, nothing scratched, one washer on a tire was put on backwards, which was easy to take off and put on the proper way. Just in case, Sam was nice enough to send me a whole new tire!! Totally unnecessary, but just goes to show that customer service goes a long way. Keep up the great work! I really love this toy, and more importantly, so do the kids.


Friendly and very helpful service, I am very excited for my son to see his new ride for the spring!

Great company! Amazing service!

I ordered a part, turned out it was the wrong one but they reached out and helped me get the right one and then double checked and made sure everything was good! Definitely did not expect that. Turns out I needed another part which they sourced for me and shipped! Great company with amazing customer service and help

Thank you

I bought this car for my kids 3 and 6 a couple of days ago. The car has exceeded all my expectations, so far only visually, since the weather does not allow us to try it out yet. Some components could be better, such as the right seat lock to get to the battery. Or rather, this is not a lock, but just a plastic valve, which, in my experience, will soon break or simply stop closing. The manufacturer could have done it better. Despite some delays in the purchase, in general I am satisfied with the service and of course I recommend this company and will continue to make purchases there in the future.

Hello Mykola ,
thank you for the review we just want to mention that regarding to the seat lock, we want to give you a tip from our experience the plastic lock is much better than the iron screw because when you open and close the seat a few times, by the iron screw the plastic will get loose , we hope if all the manufacture make the plastic screw like the one that comes in this car , Ranger Rover and other cars that the manufacture upgraded to a plastic key lock. and if you loose it or break it we have it in our spare parts.
the reason for the few days delay in your order was because your order required assembly and the assembly service is available on certain days and not every day .
we appreciate your review

Excellent Ride On Car

My kids both love it, and its smoother than most others ive seen or tested. Its big and it feel safe, although that ads to its weight, but thats what makes it feel strong. Recommend this model for sure, 2 kids will fit no issue.

Great Product and Service!

Very happy with the product and service! Sam was so helpful and will definitely buy from here again!

100% satisfied. Arrived on time. Product in excellent condition as described.

I ordered a 24V ride on Lamborghini aventador for my child. And it arrived quick and in great condition as described in exactly 7 days. I live in U.S. considering that the product shipped from a warehouse in Canada. That's is amazing to have it after 1 week. My children love it and they are very happyand amazed. I recommend King Toys and I myself will reach out to King Toys for future purchases.

Nice toy, my son loved it, battery actually last 1-2hrs as it says. Super happy with the product.

Fun little Go-Cart! Build quality for todays standards is reasonable. It’s a little smaller than it appears so I wouldn’t suggest it to any kid that is older than 10-11 yrs old max and if they are big for their age then I’d stay in the 7-9 age group. Steering is a bit sensitive but once you get a few laps going your kid will figure it out and have lots of fun on it. Overall happy with purchase and can’t wait till Springtime to really get my son flying around some tracks and empty parking lots!!

Granddaughter’s Christmas

Great product, awesome customer service. Definitely will shop from y’all again.

It was beyond perfect. Super fast delivery and so easy to put together. Highly recommend Kingtoys


Once linked the remote works great!

Really awesome car my kid loves it

Fast shipping, quality product. Great customer service as well.

2023 GMC Sierra 12V 2 Seater Kids Ride On Car With Remote Control Pink

Very high quality, would definitely buy again. Remote has good range and the battery has fairly decent life

Inflatable kayak that feels like a hardshell

The build quality of the Kayak is good. The design is like a hybrid between a canoe and a kayak. The drop stitch technology enables that kayak to be inflated to high pressure (10 PSI). So, it holds a cube-like shape and feels as rigid as a hardshell kayak, but is very easy to pack down and stow away, and light enough to carry on your back for short or medium distance walks.

I purchased this as a secondary Kayak for when I bring along a friend/family. It was easy for a beginner to use. Over a 10km paddle, the performance was great. It tracked well and was reasonably fast. There seems to be one minor imperfection in the drop stitching in one spot on my product, but it doesn't seem to impact performance and does not seem to be causing any issues. If it does, no worries, as the manufacturer (Aqua Marina) provides a 1-year warranty on their inflatable yaks.

Great Ride-On Vehicle!

Got this for my daughter’s third birthday, and she loved it! Car works great, long charge, handles grass and hills no problem. Perfect for a young child. Even my 7 year old niece loves it. Going to get many years of use out of it.

This thing is awesome my girl loves it cruising around bumping deadmou5 with her dark sun glasses

Gotrax Vibe Electric Scooter, 36V Cruise Control and Foldable Electric Scooters

So good!