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36V Kids Dirt Bike Powerful Off Road Edition 350W Silent Motor


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Complete Off road Edition 36v/350w, Kids Dirt Bike, the ultimate kids toy that will blow their minds. This extraordinary Kids Motorcycle surpasses all others in terms of size, strength, and specifications. It’s the dream machine for thrill-seeking kids who crave excitement. With a mind-blowing top speed of over 25Kmph, this bike will give your little ones an adrenaline rush like never before.

Don’t worry, safety is the utmost priority. The high specification, light-touch front and rear cable operated brakes ensure maximum safety while riding. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is protected.

What sets this bike apart is its almost silent operation. No more annoying loud noises that disturb the neighbors. Now your kids can have endless fun without causing a ruckus. And the best part? The Complete Off Road Edition can provide up to 15km of thrilling adventures in any environment. Whether it’s on grass, gravel, concrete, or even gentle off-roading, this bike can handle it all.

Designed for kids over 10 years old with a maximum rider weight of 176Lbs, this solidly built and easy to maintain bike is a beast. Equipped with a powerful 36V engine and a silent 350W motor, this bike will never let your child down. The 36v 7AH Power ensures a longer ride time of up to 60 minutes, And with its precise brakes and large metal suspension.

This bike prioritizes safety and provides optimal protection for your little daredevil. Please keep in mind that while the Powerful Dirt Bike Complete Off Road Edition is suitable for ages 10 and up, it is crucial to assess the suitability of this product for a specific child. Factors such as height, weight, and skill level should be taken into consideration by the parent.

Safety always comes first. This bike is not just a toy; it’s an experience. With real 14″ wheels, front suspension, and lights, your child will feel like a true champion. So let them embark on thrilling adventures and create unforgettable memories with the Powerful Complete Off Road Edition 36V kids ride on dirt bike.

Please note that this bike is designed for dry use only. Let the excitement begin!




Hand Control Yes, Kids Can Control The Bike By Handshaft
Brake Hand Brake
Seaters 1 Seat
Seat Material Leather Seat
Tires Material 14" Inflatable Wheels
Voltage per Battery Total 36V 7Ah Lead acid Batteries
Battery Charger Yes
Battery Charging time 8-12 Hours
Operation Time per Charge Up To 60 Min
Motor  One Motor 350W
Maximum Speed 25 KM/HR
Weight Limit 176lbs
Recommended Ages 10 Years old and up
Suspensions Yes
Drivable Terrain Grass, Road, Gravel



Vehicle Dimensions

   49.2" x  24.8" x 32.5" in

Package Dimensions


Vehicle Weight


 Package Weight




Standard Warranty:


90 Days (See User Suggestion For Extended Battery Life)

Electric Parts (Dashboard, Receiver, Motors, Fuse, Dash Buttons)

6 Months Manufacture Warranty


KingToys VIP Warranty


6 Months (See User Suggestion For Extended Battery Life)

Electric Parts (Dashboard, Receiver, Motors, Fuse, Dash Buttons)

Parts covered 1-2 years

**KingToys provides personal care for all KingToys VIP Warranties

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36V Kids Dirt Bike Powerful Off Road Edition 350W Silent Motor
$699.99 CAD $899.99 CAD
$699.99 CAD

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